Meet the Maker: Marcus Wu

Long after the abacus but half a century before the TI-81 came the Curta, a hand-held mechanical calculator that could add, subtract, multiply and divide with the turn of a crank. Once considered the best portable calculator, Curtas were displaced by electronic calculators in the 1970s and became popular collectibles that still work smoothly today.

Marcus Wu, a software engineer and 3D printing enthusiast from Belmont, N.C., will present a 3D printed, enlarged replica of the Curta at the 2016 Charlotte Mini Maker Faire. His version of the Type I Curta has more than 300 parts and has taken more than six months to complete but features a distinct Curta crank sound.

He details the printing and construction process on his blog and has even drawn attention from Mythbuster Adam Savage!

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